Old Glory

Old Glory photography series was created during my semester exchange to the BFA Photography program at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2017. I was fascinated by the ubiquitous display of the American flag in the context of the post-2016 election. I first sought to document my encounters with them around Providence, exploring ideas of “banal nationalism” (Michael Bilig,1995) through the presence and use of the object in every imaginable context. My shadow and reflection series developed through this documentation to indirectly explore the flag’s sometimes looming presence and its interactions with different spaces in various banal, everyday contexts. I wanted to draw attention to this sense of a patriotic subconscious, one where the flag is not being critically re-examined as a symbol of national identity. This investigation continued through iPhone snaps on my travels around the country after my semester at RISD came to an end. These small series expand on ideas of desensitisation through the constructions and expressions of national identities. They were presented as Instagram posts: