Annette An-Jen Liu

Annette 劉安蓁 is a Taiwanese arts writer and curator working between Taipei and New York City. Her practice is informed by her studies in photography and  anthropology in Australia. She is a 2023 recipient of the Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writer Grant and manages projects at Cai Studio.

攝影之聲 Voices of Photography

Jun Ahn cover interview (中文專訪, Issue 35, October 2023)

Shannon Taggart cover interview (中文專訪, Issue 33, January 2023)

MOLD Magazine

Trailing the Giant African Land Snail,  April 26, 2024

“In The Weeds: Art Collective  雜草稍慢WEED DAY on Shaping Spaces for Ecological Education,” March 3, 2023

“A Dessert Shop Takeover Traces Taiwan’s History with Flour” November 21, 2022

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“Poyen Wang on Filmmaking, World-Building, and Endearing Insanity“, January 17, 2023

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“Creation, Collaboration, & Resilience: Interview with Yo-Yo Lin”, August 13, 2022


“Object Lessons: Kamaro’an feature” (Dec 2022/Jan 2023 Issue)

Ocula Magazine

Xu Jiong’s Internal Landscapes, September 21, 2022

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

“Ceramics on film”, curatorial essay, July 20, 2022

4A Papers 

“Defining Taiwanese Identity: Constructing Narratives Through the Institution and Within Artistic Practice”, October 5, 2021 (Issue 10)

Musée Magazine

“David Goldblatt's Johannesburg”, September 8, 2020 (web only)

“Family Consumption”, interview with Zhang Huan, Issue 24, November 2020

“The Freedom of Ambiguity”, interview with Tracey Moffat, Issue 24, November 2020


“Landscapes of the Mind: Lan Nguyen-Hoan's Worldbuilding", June 29, 2022

“Rinaldo Hartanto's 'Mythopoeia': The Power Of Collective Anger”, May 20, 2020

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“plenty serious TALK TALK: on fusion and negotiating identities”, December 2019


“New Landmarks Installation Is an Ode to Evolutionary Science”, November 2, 2020

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MOMENTUM 12: Together as to gather
, 12th Nordic Biennale of Contemporary Art

Beyond Converging Taiwan’s Colonial History in a Paper House, co-written with Shih Ya Tien, June 10, 2023


Review: The Wild Eighties—Dawn of a Transdisciplinary Taiwan Issue 132, March 1, 2023

Contextualizing “The Wild Eighties” at Taipei Fine Arts Museum, December 22, 2022

“Review: Walking the Crack”, Issue 131, November 1, 2022  

“Paving ‘The Way Forward’”, October 7, 2022 (web only)

"Wei-Chieh Kung and Lydia Ya Chu Chang’s Blue House", July 20, 2022 (web only)

Art Monthly Australasia

“An intimate togetherness: Angela Goh and Su Yu Hsin’s ‘Paeonia Drive’”, September 21, 2022 (web only)

"States of rapture: Albert Yonathan Setyawan’s ‘Speaking in Tongues", June 23, 2022 (web only)

“‘Still working themselves out': Taiwanese photographs from the 1970s and 1980s”, Spring 2021 (Issue 329)

"Constructing a national narrative: The National Centre of Photography and Images in Taipei", June 8, 2021 (web only)

“Insta-tutional Critique”, Summer 2020-21 (Issue 326)

“Moving together: the practices and activism of Amrita Hepi and Bhenji Ra”, (Issue 325), 2020

“Compelling and urgent: Artist initiatives in a New York under crisis”, June 23, 2020 (web only)

Magnum Photos

“Photographing Australia’s Black Summer”,  May 7, 2021 

White Rabbit Blog, for the White Rabbit Collection

“Ouyang Chun: Archeological Details of ‘Volcanic Ash’”, January 2020

“Jiang Pengyi: Unpredictable Processes in ‘Foresight’”, January 2020 

“Tang Nannan: Casting Waves into Mountains”, July 2019

PhotoAccess exhibition catalogue essays

“What I know to be true, and other encounters”,  December 16, 2021

“Navigating through photography: a portrait”, Eunie Kim exhibition A Surface Appearance, November 2, 2021

“Collaging Anxiety”, Jacinta Giles exhibition Aberration, July 26, 2020

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